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Eucalyptus campaspe, commonly known as silver gimlet or the silver-topped gimlet, is a species of tree that is endemic to Western Australia.It has smooth, shiny bark, lance-shaped adult leaves, flower buds in groups of seven, white flowers and cup-shaped or conical fruit.Family: Myrtaceae. The Campaspe Animal Shelter has a variety of dogs and cats seeking adoption, and occasionally some other types of domestic animals. All our animals are temperament tested to ensure they are suitable for rehoming, and our staff can assist in selecting a pet that is suited to your family and lifestyle.

Pliny the Elder wrote that Campaspe was the favorite mistress of Alexander the Great, and that Apelles was his favorite painter. Alexander asked him to paint a full-length portrait of Campaspe nude. In so doing, Apelles fell in love with her. Seeing this, Alexander gave up his mistress to the painter. As an adult dog he has freed up a lot in the eye department, and using very little in general but has plenty when required. 2013: Campaspe King x Campaspe Holly: Campaspe pup by Campaspe Ring out of Monmore Mist. Lovely breakaway break, square short cover, keeps eyes on sheep, bit more eye than ideal for allround dog. 2011.

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