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The New Life Adult Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with a systematic guide to a comprehensive ongoing study of the Bible. The lessons are life-related and Pentecostal-Evangelical in perspective. Each lesson is part of a quarterly series of lessons consisting of two or more unit themes; and each quarter of lessons is part of a seven-year series of lessons that are never recycled (every. Free Bible Classes & Series. Multi-lesson Bible courses for personal, group or church Bible studies. Many contain a complete quarter of material with lesson notes for the students.

2019-20 Evangelical Sunday School Commentary (Large Print) Full of life-related teaching tools, the Large Print Evangelical Sunday School Lesson Commentary is 31% larger than the hardcover and includes: Large print 2019-20 Commentary An entire year of lessons in one volume Hundreds of discussion questions Captivating illustrations Verse-by-verse explanations Devotional plan for the . ESL Curriculum. ReachGlobal offers user-friendly, activity-based curricula for English ministries with youth and adults, as well as one specifically for children. while Exploring English also comes in a ten-lesson version. These series can be used with or without the accompanying reading lessons, taken from the Bible. These reading lessons.

Augsburg Adult Bible Studies Participant Book Standing Order. Augsburg Adult Bible Study is a year-round Bible study that is released quarterly and is based on a six-year cycle as found in the International Uniform Lesson Series. Free Bible lessons for adults both online and printable including Bible studies for women and men. Find many free Bible study tools for beginners, creative on-the-go Bible lessons, Christian apologetics, and Bible studies by well known pastors!