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The other difference between the two programs is that Outlook Express can read Internet newsgroups and Outlook can’t. Internet newsgroups are collections of messages that anyone can read. After you read the messages in a newsgroup, you can reply to any message you . Mapilab's answer to the request for newsgroups in Outlook is in the form of an NNTP transport, rather than a COM add-in. Use it with Outlook 2000 (Corporate/workgroup mode) and Outlook 2002/2003 to read and post to UseNet servers. More information: Outlook will not be as efficient for newsreading as Outlook Express or any other newsreader.

Connect to an Internet Usenet Newsgroup with Outlook Express *. The process of connecting to a news server, subscribing to a newsgroup, posting a question, and reading the responses is documented below.Also below are tips on how to effectively use the Outlook Express program to quickly find answers to your questions. Outlook Express Tips - Avoid spam, viruses, backup emails and speed up common everyday tasks in Outlook Express. Home; Articles; Outlook Express Tips. How to use Outlook Express: Quickly - Safely - Effectively. Top list of Usenet newsgroups sorted by popularity. This is a list of popular newsgroups sorted by popularity (number of articles.

Outlook Express Communities and Newsgroups. By far the best place to request technical support for Outlook Express, or for any Microsoft product, is MSnews, the Microsoft public news server. Many ISPs mirror some of the groups on this server, but I recommend that you connect directly to the source. Aug 30, 2018 · If you really want newsgroups in Outlook, there are add-ins below which will add an NNTP transport to Outlook. These are best used with a small number of newsgroups or news servers as they can negatively effect Outlook performance. You should use a Unicode PST with these add-ins, so that you don't have problems with data loss due to an.