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Jun 10, 2011 · That's ok just been thinking about that my whole life but it would have been great but yeah finish ur other comic book not trying to rush u. Thx for getting my message and taking my idea but try to make it a little bit longer and bring a scene with breastfeeding and poppy diaper changes and make a story about female officers of the law. Mar 23, 2011 · another cloth diaper and a fresh pair of plastic pants. It was a little easier this time. I found a plasticized changing. pad in the cupboard and got everything ready before I started. Off with the plastic pants, unpin the diaper, toss it into the. waiting diaper pail, slide the fresh diaper underneath, powder.

"You are not to talk normal that will get fixed eventually but until that is done you are to talk as a baby like you are. You are to use your diaper not that you will have a problem with that after I am done and you are to do what ever the caretakers say no fighting."the speaker yelled out. The diapers are made of recycled paper and other stuff so it's not like a diaper you could buy in your nearest super market. When the inmate pee in her diaper the paper sucks upp the pee but their are no dryness film like in ordinary diapers. So the whole diaper get very wet.