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2 Install Guide XXX-O-Dus Adult addon Kodi Repo – Adult Exodus XXX. 2.0.1 For obvious reasons we are limited on the screenshots that we can provide regarding this addon. Below is the main menu section giving you an idea of what you an expect to find. 2.1 3 Install Guide XXX-O-Dus Adult addon Kodi Repo – Adult Exodus XXX. Aug 01, 2019 · For many of us, addons are the main reason we use Kodi. These have the power to greatly expand this application’s capabilities, where some of the most popular ones are Exodus, The Magic Dragon, or Exodus Redux.No matter what kind of content you’re looking for, we are sure you’ll find at least a couple of fully-working Kodi addons or Kodi builds in 2019.Author: Novak Bozovic.

Top 5 Best Kodi XXX Adult Builds. In this awesome adult Kodi XXX list, we want to show you the Top 5 Best Kodi XXX Adult builds you can install onto Kodi that will give you plentiful amount of eye boggling adult add-ons prepackaged.. After all, a complete entertainment center should have movies, TV shows, sports, music and for some or most people, the adult content and karaoke! How to Install the complete Adult addon for Kodi. If you’re looking for a ‘complete’ adult addon for Kodi we think we have found it. The way we mean ‘complete’ is in an add-on that has everything. The Best adult addon for Kodi in question is called Erotik (XXX), and as you will see below, it has every famous adult name and content Author: KC.

Aug 11, 2018 · NEW KODI ADULT ADDON - RUB THE DUCK. Watch thousands of Porn Movies and Sex Videos. XXX for free without any Pin. Tested on Kodi 17.6 and 18 Beta 1. Repository: Installation steps for Kodi XBMC-Adult Repository and add-ons. Here is the step by step instructions on how to install the XBMC-Adult Repository and how to install the individual adult add-ons onto Kodi. Enabling Unknown Sources within Kodi (skip if already enabled).

Mar 16, 2019 · Ok. I have it downloaded and added to XBMC, it's defnetly there, but when I browse to adult-repo and access it, to list the repository content, it's empty.Any idea of what is wrong? I'm using Froddo. The zip file contains only a XML file and the icon. 5/5(1). The Number 1 Adult Addon for Kodi to Watch Porn on Kodi. The Adult scene on Kodi has seriously grown over the last year or two, we’ve seen new playlists added to Navi-X of adult content and the various Kodi adult repositories that you can install to get your Kodi porn fix.. But the question we keep getting asked is ‘What is the best adult add-on for Kodi?’ .we aren’t too sure how Author: KC.