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76 rows · Medications for Vaginal Yeast Infection. Other names: Candidiasis, Vaginal; Monilial vaginitis; Thrush; Thrush, Vaginal; Vaginal Candidiasis; Vaginal Thrush; Yeast Infection, vaginal. About Vaginal Yeast Infection: This is a vaginal infection caused most commonly by . Jul 18, 2017 · Vaginal Creams. This type of cream may ease itching and treat the skin tissues while the vaginal antifungal cream treats the yeast infection. When you use a vaginal cream that’s oil-based, you may need to use birth control that’s not a condom or diaphragm, or skip sex. The oil in the cream could damage the latex in a condom or diaphragm.

Tips for Applying Vaginal Cream. If you are using vaginal cream to treat an infection, it's best to discard the applicator once you have finished your course of treatment. That would help prevent transferring yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms if you were to reuse the applicator in the future. External Cream. The Mayo Clinic suggests applying a vaginal cream to the labia and opening of the vagina to treat itching or irritation. Patients can generally purchase these creams over the counter; however, a patient’s physician may prescribe a cream that contains higher concentrations of the active ingredients.

Symptoms that may arise are nausea and vomiting. Vaginal bleeding in females may occur after a few days. Side effects. Tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you do not feel well while you are using Ovestin Cream. The medicine helps most women with menopausal symptoms, but it may have unwanted side effects in a few people. Wash hands before and after use. Fill the applicator with the prescribed amount of cream. Lie on your back, part and bend your knees. Insert the applicator into the vagina and push the plunger to expel the cream into the vagina.

Estrace vaginal cream is a preparation of estrogen, a female hormone, for topical application to the vaginal area used to treat certain symptoms of menopause such as dryness, burning, and itching of the vaginal area and urgency or irritation with urination. Studies show that Fennel vaginal cream can: Improve sexual experience; Help moisturize intimate female areas “ I have been a pharmacist specializing in hormones for 20 years. I have treated over 20,000 women. Most of these women have vaginal dryness, low libido and unsatisfactory intimate lives. That is why I developed FabuVag®.